Propane tank services

At Collett Propane, we don’t just install your propane tanks and then forget about you. We understand that customer service is the most important part of our business. It’s why we’ve been around for so long and have become the most trusted propane distributor in the region.

Site check

If you are considering installing a propane system at your property, but have no idea where to put the tank, we offer a site check at no cost to you. One of our trained and certified service technicians will come to your place and discuss the best place to put a tank. There are regulations that we have to follow when it comes to tank placement, and we have to make sure that the tank is accessible for our delivery drivers to fill.

We also understand that you, as the property owner, have ideas about where the tank can go. With the site check program we try to find the best spot to meet regulations, and also meet your expectations. Feel free to call and schedule a time for one of our service staff to stop by and discuss different options with you.

Reading the gauge

Tanks come with a gauge, which reads as a percentage of the tank’s maximum gallon capacity. Normally, these gauges are located under the lid of the tank or somewhere on top of the tank. When we fill your tank, you will notice that the gauge reads 80-85 percent. This is full for a propane tank. We have to leave room for the gas to expand. The gauge has a float arm that extends down into the tank.

As the level of liquid propane inside the tank goes down, the float arm falls with it. This causes the arrow on the gauge to move. Most gauges read every 10 percent, with a “red” zone indication at 20 percent and lower. It is important to keep an eye on the gauge. We suggest checking it periodically. If you notice that the gauge is not moving, and you know you are using propane, give our service department a call. Sometimes the gauges can stick. This will cause a false reading, and could lead to an out of gas situation.

One of our service techs can stop by and fix the gauge. We ask that our will-call customers call and order gas around 30 percent. This gives us enough time to schedule your delivery for your day, and keeps you from running out.

24-hour emergency service

At Collett Propane, our business is all day, every day, compliments of our on-call emergency service. In case of emergency or low fuel, you might call a number that rings hundreds of miles away and possibly speak to someone who doesn't even work for your local division. We think our customers deserve better service than that! After leaving a short message you'll be quickly connected to a real person when it's absolutely necessary for your comfort and peace of mind!

In an emergency situation it may be necessary to turn your tank off. Locate this valve under the hood of the tank and turn clockwise until it stops turning.

Lebanon propane tanks

Automatic Fill

Deliveries are made every five weeks to customers enrolled in our Automatic fill program. In addition to not worrying about running low of propane you are ensured the best market price for gallons delivered. Deliveries continue throughout the fall, winter and early spring months.

Budget Plan

Customers with approved credit can eliminate the variability of their propane expenses by signing up for our optional Budget program. The Budget Program is where you make monthly equal payments based on your previous year or estimated annual propane usage. Payments begin in June and conclude the following April with May being the “catch up” month. Propane deliveries are made automatically to customers signed up for Budget.

Pre-Buy Plan

Customers decide the amount of gallons they wish to purchase during the summer months to cover their demand throughout the fall, winter and early spring months. You simply prepay for these total gallons and then you are protected against price spikes until you exhaust your pre-bought supply. Propane deliveries are made automatically to customers signed up for Pre-buy.

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