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Frequently Asked Questions

We know there are a lot of questions about the use of propane in your home or business. Collett Propane wanted to make it easy for you to get those questions answered. Just click a question below to see the answer. If you do not find your question, please do not hesitate to ask.

Yes! Click the Request Delivery button in the upper right hand corner of our web site pages. For further instructions, click this VIDEO LINK to view a short video.

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Propane Tank Gauge Unit

Gauges give an approximation of fuel left inside the tank, and therefore aren't exact and at times, although not often, can fail. The gauge you see on the outside of your tank with numbers indicating what percentage is in your tank is actually part of a float assembly that is hard at work inside your tank.

Under your external face gauge is a stem that extends down into the liquid propane in your tank. At the end of that stem is float that raises and lowers when your tank is filled and when you use propane, respectively. As the float moves up and down, it turns a pinion gear that will move the gear in the shaft, which will in turn move the needle on your external face gauge letting you know about what percentage is left in your tank.

Float systems can be found all over your home - most notably in your bathrooms and sump pumps. Anyone who's experienced a flooded basement or toilet knows the sting (both financial and messy) of a failed float system. Luckily though, floats in our propane tanks tend to be consistently reliable and our service team members are experts at fixing or diagnosing issues when they aren't. Let us know if you ever have any questions and try to remember to call early when you need a delivery.

Propane Tank Gauge Dial

Running out of propane in the middle of the night is a headache, especially on cold nights. We recommend regularly checking the percentage in your tank as indicated on its face gauge and calling us when you get around 20%. The face gauge in the picture is similar to what the gauge looks like on your homes tank. This example reads about 63-65%.

Whether or not you have already closed on the house, ask your realtor or the seller for a bill of sale or affidavit from the seller stating that they own or lease the propane tank. If it is covered in the real estate contract, then a copy of the contract should be sufficient. Find out who the propane company is that the seller uses.

Contact the propane supplier (ideally prior to closing) and confirm that they have the tank covered and whether it is a customer or company-owned tank. You will need to sign up with the propane company to start to fill your tank and give them your permission to fill it.

The first thing to do is to lift the lid of the tank and take a picture of the manufacturer information and serial number of the tank. Google your local propane companies and contact each of them to see if they have your service address under contract. Confirm the manufacturer and serial number information of your tank with the propane company.

Once you have determined who the appropriate propane company is, the company should be able to tell you whether the property owner or the propane company owns the tank. Propane companies can only legally fill their own company-owned propane tanks or tanks owned by the property owner with owner permission.

You will need to sign paperwork with the propane company to start to fill your tank and give the company your permission to fill it.

If you own the tank, then Collett Propane can come out and fill the tank, after you provide paperwork which includes an affidavit and permission to fill slip to us.

If your propane company owns the propane tank and leases it to you, then Collett Propane cannot legally fill the tank. Because our business is regulated under the state fire marshal's office, the law says that we cannot fill the tank owned by another propane supplier. If propane is placed into another company's tank, the propane is subject to forfeiture, and our company may face a $25,000 fine and license suspension.


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