Frequently Asked Questions About Propane

Account Information

Call our office during regular business hours and one of our CSRs can help you get your account login and password set up! You’ll need your account number and customer ID.

Delivery Information

Yep. Click here to fill out our request form. Please note, if you are COD, a team member will contact you before a delivery is scheduled to collect payment. Customers on automatic fill will get a confirmation that their request has been processed and will get their delivery on their next scheduled assigned day.

General Information

Propane Tank Gauge DialRunning out of propane in the middle of the night is a headache, especially on cold nights. We recommend regularly checking the percentage in your tank as indicated on its face gauge and calling us when you get around 25-30%. The face gauge in the picture is similar to what the gauge looks like on your homes tank. This example reads about 63-65%.