Propane Tank Sizes


What Size Propane Tank Do You Need?

Collett Propane maintains a diversified tank inventory ready to install today! Depending on your unique requirements and preferences, your propane tank can vary in tank size, location, and whether it is above ground or underground.

propane tank being lifted off ground

Steps To Determine Sizing

When determining the appropriate size, we will work with you to determine the following:

  1. Size of your home or business.
  2. How many propane appliances will run off propane.
  3. Your preferred location of the propane tank at your home or business. Note: Your preferred location needs to be at most 100 feet off the end of your driveway or parking lot. Also, your specific desired location will be checked by our service team to make sure it is allowable and within local codes and regulations.
  4. Whether you prefer an above ground or underground tank. > LEARN MORE
  5. Whether the tank is leased or purchased. > LEARN MORE

Using this, and any other information you provide, our service team will help determine the best tank for you! Learn more about specific tank sizes and common uses in our > SIZING CHEAT SHEET

Common Tank Sizes

1000 gallon propane tank
1,000 Gallon Propane Tank
Length: 16' 2"
Diameter: 41"
Uses: Larger homes or businesses that have multiple propane applications including home or commercial heating, home or commercial cooking, water heating, grain drying, or larger sized generators. Holds max 800 gallons.
500 gallon propane tank
500 Gallon Propane Tank
Length: 9' 11"
Diameter: 37.5"
Uses: Medium to larger homes or businesses for heating and 2-3 additional propane applications such as cooking or water heating. Holds max 400 gallons.
250 gallon propane tank
250 Gallon Propane Tank
Length: 7'10"
Diameter: 30"
Uses: Supplemental heat or backup heat and 1-2 additional propane applications such as water heating and cooking. Holds max 200 gallons.
120 gallon propane tank
120 Gallon Propane Tank
Length: 4'6"
Diameter: 30"
Uses: 1-2 propane applications such as fireplaces, cooking, and/or water heating. Holds max 96 gallons.
Above Ground

Above ground propane tanks come in many common sizes. The tank is installed on leveling blocks and the only typical disturbance to your property is the trenching from your tank to your structure. Although completely visible, above ground tanks can be shielded from view with landscaping and strategic tank placement. The installation process is usually faster compared to an underground tank.


Underground propane tanks also have many size options and are primary known for their discreet appearance, since the only visible part of the final product is a tank shroud. The installation process requires excavating a hole for the tank to be placed in, hook-up, backfilling and final ground repair.