Small Cylinder Fills

small propane tank

Yes, We Offer Small Tank Fills

Small, portable, propane tanks have many uses around your home, campsite, or workshop! All of our locations offer small propane cylinder and RV fills during regular business hours. We also offer recertification for your tank if they are out of date. Here are some common small tank sizes and uses:

  • 20# Cylinders – Gas grills, Patio Heaters, Smokers
  • 30/40# - Typical size for campers and larger outdoor heaters
  • 100# - Shop heat, fireplaces, small appliances
  • Forklift Cylinder – Forklifts, Propane lawn mowers, other small automotive applications

What Our Customers Are Saying

“This is a great place to buy your propane. Great customer service and nice people to deal with. You can't beat the prices!”
- Phil Wolfe