How to Determine How Much is Left in My Gas Grill Tank

February 22, 2023 / Back to Blog

You got family coming over. The grill is hot. Then you start to wonder, how much propane do I actually have in my grill tank? With some simple math and a bathroom scale, you can get your exact amount left in no time. While there are many methods and widgets available online that claim to tell how much propane is in your grill tank, the weighing method has been historically the most accurate.

How to use the bathroom scale weighing method on your 20# grill tank:

  • Rule of thumb: A gas grill tank can hold a maximum of 20# of propane.
  • Look on the collar of the tank and find the “TW” followed by a number. This Tare Weight is how much your tank will weigh completely empty. A 20# cylinder will weigh approximately 18 pounds empty and can hold a maximum of 20 pounds, taking the total (tank plus a full fill) estimated weight to about 38 pounds.
  • Put your tank on your bathroom scale. Let’s say you put it on the scale, and it reads 23 pounds. Subtract the TW of the tank as if it were empty and you are left with how many pounds of propane are inside. 23-18=5. You have 5 pounds of propane left in your tank.
  • Divide the amount of propane in your tank by the maximum capacity your tank can hold to get your percentage remaining. 5/20=25% left in your tank.

A 20# cylinder can run a typical home gas grill for about 18-20 hours, so if your 20# tank is at 25%, you most likely have about 5 hours of grill time left. This quick check will help you plan your get togethers or events to ensure you don’t run out! No one likes a burger finished in the microwave….